22 de dezembro de 2010

Waiting On Wednesday ♥

Posted by Mandy Porto às 2:32 AM
Hello folks! Começando outro Waiting on Wednesday, esses são os livros que eu espero ansiosamente!

The Vampire Stalker
What if the characters in a vampire novel left their world--and came into yours? Amy is in love with someone who doesn't exist: Alexander Banks, the dashing hero in a popular series of vampire novels. Then one night, Amy meets a boy who bears an eerie resemblance to Alexander. In fact, he IS Alexander, who has escaped from the pages of the book and is in hot pursuit of a wicked vampire named Vigo. Together, Amy and Alexander set out to track Vigo and learn how and why Alexander crossed over. But when she and Alexander begin to fall for each other, Amy wonders if she even wants him to ever return to the realm of fiction.

A Need So Beautiful

In which a 17-year-old discovers that by performing the good deeds that her body compels her to, she will disappear into the light and be Forgotten, but by fighting "the Need", her fate could be even more dire.


The Myth of Persephone, Darkly Reimagined... She knows what it's like to die. Now Death wants her back. Seventeen-year-old Pierce knows what happens to us when we die. That's how she met John Hayden, the mysterious stranger who's made returning to normal life—or at least life as Pierce knew it before the accident—next to impossible. Though she thought she escaped him—starting a new school in a whole new place—it turns out she was wrong. He finds her. What does John want from her? Pierce thinks she knows... just like she knows he's no guardian angel, and his dark world isn't exactly heaven. But she can't stay away from him, either, especially since he's always there when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most. But if she lets herself fall any further, she might find herself back in the place she fears the most. And when Pierce discovers the shocking truth, that’s exactly where John sweeps her: The Underworld.

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V. F. Martins on 22 de dezembro de 2010 14:56 disse...

bem... eu fiz um coment gigantesco explicando o pq de eu fazer isto mas minhã irmã veio e apertou f5 bem no fim, e é isso dai eu modifiquei um template pravc Mandy ta ai tomare que vc goste, se quiser coloca-lo tem algumas coisas que ainda devem ser modificadas e outras aplicadas. bjs This is it. =D

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