20 de maio de 2010

Review: Storm Warning by Billy Graham ♥

Posted by Mandy Porto às 12:59 PM
Pessoal! Como este é um livro inglês e super complicado de ler e tal fiz ela em inglês para aqueles que sabem a língua mesmo! Desculpe a todos...

This book didn’t win me over by It’s cover nor by It’s name, but by the synopsis and the great reviews. This book is one of a kind and a great read. I have to agree with all those amazing reviews I’ve read, Billy Graham is one phenomenal writer. For those, just like me, that enjoys the end of times stories will really love this book and will never stop reading it. One of the good qualities of Billy Graham is that he doesn’t go in circles and give you what you want straight forward.

Storm Warning is an updated release from 1992 and is all about the Revelations, the known Apocalypse. Billy gives us signs all around that is really happening. I’m not really a fan of these kinds of books to be honest, but just the word Apocalypse just light something in me. I don’t necessarily believe in God, I’m just one of those people that doesn’t know much and just believe in something when you actually is sure is out there. I don’t like bible fanatics and just the thought of some people given their lives to something that might even not exist creep me out. But I’m not judging anyone, that’s what I think about the subject and I do respect everyone’s beliefs. I do have a little faith here and there though. And I believe in destiny. That’s something right?! Sometimes I think I’m too young for this kind of subject.

This book might not be my kind of style, I’m really addicted in the YA books right now, but this is a great book about what might be coming for us, and the signs and all that is written somewhere in the bible. I’ve learn things with book and I’m sure everyone will too!

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Livia on 20 de maio de 2010 13:13 disse...

Have you ever read The Hunger Games? If not, go buy it NOW! NOW NOW NOW!!!
Trust me on this, you're missing the best post apocalyptic book of all times!!!! =)

My little world of books on 20 de maio de 2010 13:37 disse...

I have so many books to buy Livi! But i WILL buy Hunger games I promiseeeee you! hahahahha

Carol on 21 de maio de 2010 06:34 disse...

Apocalipse é sempre interessante, bíblico ou não... Particularmente eu prefiro o científico rs

My little world of books on 21 de maio de 2010 06:40 disse...

eu gosto de todos Apocalipses! hahahhaa

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