27 de maio de 2010

Review: Love On a Dime by Cara Lynn James ♥

Posted by Mandy Porto às 6:38 PM
Editora: Thomas Nelson
N°de páginas: 320
Preço: 38,52 (Liv. Cultura)

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Only for those that can read in English! – Sorry –

First of all I want to say about how the cover is amazing. The guy/girl that made it is a genius. So many book covers doesn’t combine with the story, and the cover for “Love on a Dime” is absolutely flawless and really reflects on the book story. The girl is gorgeous, and I loved the house in the back, the clouds and everything. Love on a Dime is a divine and perfect book, I completely loved it.

Loved how the story passes in 1899 in Newport, Rhode Island. I imagined everything in the very small details, including the clothes. Cara made me fall in love, and Lilly Westbrook is one of my favorites. She goes after her dream that is writing, and finds Jackson Grail, her new publisher.

Love on a Dime is full of romance, which I love, and is so beautiful that we can’t possible put away till we are done. Woman will be fascinated by it and guys will want to read it. I think Cara Lynn James made everything in the right temperature in her debut novel, and I can’t wait to read more books of hers. I’m sure the Ladies of Summerhill will be forever in my head.

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Livia on 27 de maio de 2010 20:21 disse...

Nunca tinha ouvido falar desse livro tb...
De onde vc tira todos essas indicacoes? I mean, como vc escolhe os livros??? Eu tenho um metodo totalmente louco, qual o seu!? hahaahh

My little world of books on 27 de maio de 2010 21:43 disse...

Aww Livi eu gosto de ler de tudo sabe! shauhsaushua ver o que me agrada... mas acho livros bons sempre no amazon.com e no skoob =)

beijos linda ;*

Karlinha on 28 de maio de 2010 06:50 disse...

Nossa Mandy também quero esse livro.
sem contar que a capa é mega linda.
amei a resenha em inglês.

My little world of books on 28 de maio de 2010 10:06 disse...

shsauhsauhsau OBRIGADA K! beijos.

Lila on 29 de maio de 2010 13:34 disse...

AAA,eu adoreei ;D a capa é mesmo muito liinda!

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